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Cleaning rocks sweet pea and her friend have been washing her very extensive rock collection for days.

they seem to be enjoying themselves. they have several bowls that they are using. so funny though they are washing the same rocks over and over again and other that really need to be cleaner are totally neglected. some are beautifully clean though! whatever makes them happy.

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creating at squam

creating at squam

the path to class

6-7-2009 SQUAM 2 050

felting class

my first class was felting with another new creative friend and house mate betz white she has 2 books that you need to check out.

Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted Projects
Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials

6-7-2009 SQUAM 002

my felted project in process

i wish that i had taken more pictures in this class. everyone made very unique things. i was really feeling challenged with my design and my sewing skills. with so much support in this class i pushed on and ended up with a nearly finished bag, nothing short of a miracle. one of the big goals is to complete projects. this was the only class that i did not do some initial prep for.

creative characters

i did get to take one of mirsa's classes. yippee! as soon as i signed up for this class we started to discussing what types of charcters i could make. i asked helen if she would make some drawings that i could use to make some characters. in the end, i used a drawing that my husband and i love very much that she did before i even knew about squam.

meet shy horse.

6-7-2009 SQUAM 008

this is the pattern that i made from helen's picture in the process of cutting the pieces.

6-7-2009 SQUAM 009

this is the pattern all cut and pinned and ready to sew. it went just fine. marisa was so encouraging. i so enjoyed my day.

6-7-2009 SQUAM 030

i stuffed it was some buckwheat that helen loves and sewed it up. i still need to work on the embellishments but shy horse is all together! helen loved her.

i am very excited. i can't wait to make more of these from her drawings. i think that this is going to be something very fun that we can do with her friends too. so much of this project the kids will be able to do. i think they will love picking out the fabric and embellishments.

6-7-2009 SQUAM 015

here are most of the other creative characters from my class. again incredible creative.

block printing fabric

the last class that i took was block printing with incredible lizzy house

i don't want to seem redundant but she is yet another amazingly creative new fabulous friend from nirvana.

we really clicked. i am just sorry that i missed the first two days with her. but we had fun after that.

6-7-2009 SQUAM 042 6-7-2009 SQUAM 043 6-7-2009 SQUAM 044

here is lizzy giving us the printing demonstration

6-7-2009 SQUAM 041

i made blocks from helen's shy horse and another older picture that she had done called "baby bird in a tree"

6-7-2009 SQUAM 2 039

here is the take home of my creations from my time at squam.

the second night that i was there when we were visiting in nirvana and sharing some wine i was able to make some bracelets for breast cancer. the other two night that i had left i was so exhausted from creating during the day, eating and the evening events that i didn't have any energy to make more bracelets.