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{this moment}

{this moment}

{this moment}

5-21-2010 n 038

a photo~an extraordinary moment~no words~pause~savor~remember...

another thoughtful idea from soulemama

{this moment}

{this moment}

{this moment}

3-24-2010 n 084
a photo~an extraordinary moment~no words~pause~savor~remember...

another thoughtful idea from soulemama
spring in the woods

spring in the woods

a great day in the woods.

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wonderful 1st spring weekend

wonderful 1st spring weekend

3-19-2010 075
thursday night we took the kids to dinner and belly dancing

3-15-2010 iphone 052
friday night we had my aunt over for homemade pizza friday and played some high stakes euchre check out the sweet breast cancer playing cards by bicycle.

the 1st day of spring was so wonderful.3-21-2010 n 016

we had beautiful weather here which was so excited especially since rain was predicted.

my daughter and her friend were out most of the day playing harry potter making potions and casting spells.

later they went to an egg hunt to celebrate the spring equinox, that is going to have its own post.

3-21-2010 n 067

i was trilled to work in the yard. after the construction here last year we did not have much chance to work in the yard. we had some grass seed sprayed, but as you can see we are going to need more seed this year. we did have the whole back yard regraded last summer and a french drain installed so we don't have our typical lake in the back yet.

3-21-2010 n 119

i'm on a search for good non-gmo popcorn. i found this amish grown red and blue popcorn. i thought it was really tasty a bit firmer popped (which i really like) and fewer hulls to get stuck in your teeth and throat. the yellow is the jarred non-gmo that you can find at the grocery store.

3-21-2010 n 141
this is a shot of saturday evening a new egg laying bunny, guiness and harry potter 7.

3-21-2010 n 2 008

here's my girl coloring and listening to harry potter while keeping warm on the floor vent, it was cooler here today. let's just say most of sunday was devoted to harry potter 7...we're so close to the end, in the last 100 pages.
spring is coming but what about the snow?

spring is coming but what about the snow?

3-2-2010 n 058
we've been having much warmer weather the last 2 days but we still have all of this snow. it's actually been really nice because it is so pretty and it is melting off the streets and sidewalks so it's a little easier to travel and it's nice to play outside because it's not so bitter cold and virtually no wind.

3-2-2010 n 075

i won't be fooled to think that we are done with winter yet, we usually get at least one more storm in march, but w'e'll enjoy it for what it's.

sweet pea is not taking any chances she's going to get at least one more helping of snow.

3-2-2010 n 127

this time she's not going to try some magical concoction. she went right for the hot maple syrup.

hope that you are enjoying the weather that you are experiencing.

putting myself out there...finding the right path

putting myself out there...finding the right path

2-4-2010 iphone 005
i've been waiting to share my blog until it is just so.

i still have so many things that i want to do and add and learn about how to lay this all out. also i have about 30 different things that i am working on...least of which what i want my main focus to be...maybe i should start there!

my husband was trying to help me sort out some of my technical challenges today and i realized that i already have over 100 posts. not to say that i procrastinate.

last summer i attended the squam art workshops and i have previously posted about this incredible experience. and took a class with the marvelous marisa from creative thursday. marisa suggested risks need to be taken, that if you wait for perfection you might just miss out. those are not her exact words but i hope that i have captured the meaning behind what she was saying. she is brilliant! so here i go.

i feel so fortunate that i have found so many wonderful creative women that i visit everyday and learn from and that i am inspired by everyday. i really want to share them with others that are in my life and share what i am learning that might be useful.

many of the blogs that i love have come to me from amanda blake soule - soulemama. she is also how i originally discovered squam. one of the blogs that i visit everyday (thanks to amanda) is juniper moon farm i was also lucky enough to meet susan gibbs (and amanda) at the squam art fair. susan is a shepherd and her farm had the first yarn and fiber csa. she had a post the other day about confronting your fears. she confronted her fear of dyeing some precious roving. let me say it is so incredibly beautiful i am so glad that she conquered that fear. she asked what we were fearing and my response was to put my blog out there. she was also looking for a date of commitment to conquer your fear. i chose march 1st 2010! i am a little late. technical difficulties today but coming very close anyhow.

i still would like to add all of the other wonderful woman that inspire me. i hope to figure this out soon. until then i will share a few here because i must. many of them i also met last year at squam and they really inspire me. i hope that you enjoy them as much as i do.

lizzy house

nelkin designs


lavender and limes

shivaya naturals

thanks for visiting.

sunshine and happiness to you today.

beautiful beginning

beautiful beginning

another beautiful day to start the week. this really fits how my mood today. i feel that I am finally moving forward. a fresh start.

today I will send off my registration for squam. I knew that it was going to be difficult to decide which classes to take but the choice was made more challenging by the fact there were so many great sessions to choose from. in the end I chose to go when the wonderful women that I met last year would be there.

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i have been wanting to do this daily blog for over a year.

everyday i plan to post and go through the day planning each post to the point of taking the photos and writing the post in my head.

i came to a realization the other day after getting upset with myself once again. i had promised myself that in the new year that i would do a post every day. needless to say this is not happening.

here is the realization:

i have a fear that i will fail...i know that many people have this fear. i have just let it win. i can accomplish goals if i think that something is not permanent, or out there to be judged on a grand scale. i have been like this for as long as i can remember. i am committing to this as the beginning of the end of the fear. i promise myself to move forward and to stop wasting time with push on and make mistakes! i have put it out there. let's see if that does it.

thank you to all who inspire, support and have patience with me. i hope to have today be the beginning of a new adventure.

SQUAM Art Workshop

SQUAM Art Workshop

6-7-2009 SQUAM 2 045

SQUAM Art Workshop is online today. what an amazing offering this year. 5 to choose? i had such an amazing time last year and met so many creative, warm and nurturing women. i can't wait to return this year.

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009


It looked like we should rake this morning but it was so beautiful and what is Halloween without leaves to slosh through?

We had a really great day. We decided with all that we have been doing on the house that we should take the day off right after we took a trip to historic house parts annual tent sale. Sweetpea did not want to join us but that was the plan. In the end we did not get anything big for the house, we did find twist locks for the spice cupboards. Yippee!

But the real winner was helen. i have been casually looking for a manual typewriter for her for a while now and we found one there. she was beside herself. we came home and she typed her little heart out. daddy was very excited too. he spent a long time online trying to figure out what type it was and looking to order some fresh typewriter ribbon for her. so it is a royal 10 he thinks from 1935. we all love it whatever it is!


we also had not been to the movies in ages. we decided to surprise our girl so we blindfolded her and put her in the car. she kept peaking with just the bandanna on so i had to put my scarf over that too. this was fun. we took her to our favorite local independent theater, the little to see where the wild things are. i am sure that many of you have also heard that maybe not the best movie for smaller children. there were some intensely emotional scenes and some frightening scenes and some very sad scenes too. we all really enjoyed it. we think also not so great for younger kids we did have some discussions with our daughter after the movie to talk about all the emotional issues. i think she understood some and not others. i think that maybe she could relate to many of the emotions too. this was a very well done movie. i can't stop thinking about it 3 days later.

Where the wild things are

so this day did not seem to want to end. we had our neighborhood halloween parade then mexican buffet at our friends then finally trick or treating.

11-1-2009 n 073

it was such a beautiful night here. it was a little crisp, clear and still. the moon was just perfect too. hope that you enjoy your day as much as we did.

11-1-2009 n 076

here is our hermoine granger.

10-30-2009 153