spring is coming but what about the snow?

spring is coming but what about the snow?

3-2-2010 n 058
we've been having much warmer weather the last 2 days but we still have all of this snow. it's actually been really nice because it is so pretty and it is melting off the streets and sidewalks so it's a little easier to travel and it's nice to play outside because it's not so bitter cold and virtually no wind.

3-2-2010 n 075

i won't be fooled to think that we are done with winter yet, we usually get at least one more storm in march, but w'e'll enjoy it for what it's.

sweet pea is not taking any chances she's going to get at least one more helping of snow.

3-2-2010 n 127

this time she's not going to try some magical concoction. she went right for the hot maple syrup.

hope that you are enjoying the weather that you are experiencing.

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