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sewing granny's birthday gift

sewing granny's birthday gift

8-9-2009 013

here is the sweet bag that helen made for granny for her birthday. this is the front.

8-9-2009 002

this button was made by my grandfather who was a button molder. it has a horse head on it. sweet pea and her granny are huge horse fans so she wanted to make sure that granny had one of these buttons. there are only 6 left now.

8-9-2009 016

here is the detail on the back. helen did all of the sewing and design.

i sewed the ribbons and button for her.

learning to sew

learning to sew

8-6-2009 154 sweet pea has been wanting to learn to use the sewing machine. we decided to try and learn to sew with a project for granny's birthday gift.

granny has been doing all the sewing since she was born and my mother-in law is also the one who is teaching me to sew.

sweet pea chose a few fabric pieces of fabric from the fabric sample books that i received from a woman that works at an interior design library and posted on freecycle that she was getting rid of older fabric sample books that they no longer needed. i wasn't sure what i was going to use them for at the time but i knew that we would find something to do with them. i am hoping to use some to try to make my first quilt soon.

8-8-2009 181 sweet pea chose some fabric to make a little bag for granny. i will post pictures when we finish. she cut off the bottom of the fabric samples with the paper on the back and used them to practice different stiches. then she realized that they would make very good bookmarks. can't wait until she makes me one.

fabric looking for a future / freecycle

fabric looking for a future / freecycle

7-14-2009 fabric stash

i have had this fabric that i received from a wonderful woman who works at our local interior design center. for a while she was listing fabric and wallpaper samples on our local freecycle. i have been a lapsed freecycle member lately, so i don't know when the last time was that she listed but i love freecycle.