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{this moment}

{this moment}

{this moment}

3-24-2010 n 084
a photo~an extraordinary moment~no words~pause~savor~remember...

another thoughtful idea from soulemama
spring in the woods

spring in the woods

a great day in the woods.

3-24-2010 n 049 3-24-2010 n 069
3-24-2010 n 079

3-24-2010 n 082

3-24-2010 n 097

3-24-2010 n 102

3-24-2010 n 103

3-24-2010 n 110
3-24-2010 n 111

wonderful 1st spring weekend

wonderful 1st spring weekend

3-19-2010 075
thursday night we took the kids to dinner and belly dancing

3-15-2010 iphone 052
friday night we had my aunt over for homemade pizza friday and played some high stakes euchre check out the sweet breast cancer playing cards by bicycle.

the 1st day of spring was so wonderful.3-21-2010 n 016

we had beautiful weather here which was so excited especially since rain was predicted.

my daughter and her friend were out most of the day playing harry potter making potions and casting spells.

later they went to an egg hunt to celebrate the spring equinox, that is going to have its own post.

3-21-2010 n 067

i was trilled to work in the yard. after the construction here last year we did not have much chance to work in the yard. we had some grass seed sprayed, but as you can see we are going to need more seed this year. we did have the whole back yard regraded last summer and a french drain installed so we don't have our typical lake in the back yet.

3-21-2010 n 119

i'm on a search for good non-gmo popcorn. i found this amish grown red and blue popcorn. i thought it was really tasty a bit firmer popped (which i really like) and fewer hulls to get stuck in your teeth and throat. the yellow is the jarred non-gmo that you can find at the grocery store.

3-21-2010 n 141
this is a shot of saturday evening a new egg laying bunny, guiness and harry potter 7.

3-21-2010 n 2 008

here's my girl coloring and listening to harry potter while keeping warm on the floor vent, it was cooler here today. let's just say most of sunday was devoted to harry potter 7...we're so close to the end, in the last 100 pages.
{week of green} thanks enchantedmama

{week of green} thanks enchantedmama

enchantedmama was looking for us to "think green" this week to celebrate the coming of spring. this was more challenging than you would think. we have had a beautiful winter here in western new york mostly because it has been relatively cold and the snow has remained on the ground so even on the overcast days there has been more reflected light then usual because of the snow. i am not typically a fan of winter, i have trouble without the light, this year i have felt much happier, i have just been embracing it and hoping that it continues. we still have snow even though it has been warmer here. we went ice skating today it was in the 40s and my little sweet pea has a pink little face, i feel so bad that i did not sunscreen today, so out of practice (she says it does not hurt but this was really unexpected in our area not so common as out west).

so here we go with many photos from the week. i never found a bud and i looked hard and long for the entire week. i did have some fun though, thanks kellen.

3-5-2010 n 074

split peas and sunshine

3-5-2010 n 120

on the day you were born by debra frasier

3-6-2010 n 032

thoughts on being green

the creative family by amanda blake soule

made from scratch by jenna woginrich

animal, vegetable, miracle by barbara kingsolver

the backyard homestead by carleen madigan

the handmade home by amanda blake soule

sewing green by betz white

how to design your own clothes and make your own patters by claudia ein

living on earth by alicia bay laurel

the art of sewing-restyling your wardrobe by time-life books

3-6-2010 n 033

ric rac love

3-6-2010 n 044

green love

3-6-2010 n 069

potential in green

3-6-2010 n 101

my mama made this sweet cookie jar for my grandmother in 1971, my grandma loved roosters.

my grandmother gave this to my sweet girl when she gave up her house. so sweet.

she loved my girl and my girl loved her. missing her so much. so luck that she had the chance to know grandma.

3-6-2010 n 356

green comes in all shapes...mostly man made these days.

3-6-2010 n 360

3-6-2010 n 368

3-6-2010 n 377

3-6-2010 n 378

looking for buds...

3-6-2010 n 384

to the left too...

3-6-2010 n 388

green on a tree...not what i was looking for!

3-6-2010 n 403

feeling the joy...

3-6-2010 n 405

nurture and wonder...

sunshine and happiness!

Valentines for friends

Valentines for friends

my sweeetpea typing up valentines for her classmates.

image from

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SQUAM Art Workshop

SQUAM Art Workshop

6-7-2009 SQUAM 2 045

SQUAM Art Workshop is online today. what an amazing offering this year. 5 to choose? i had such an amazing time last year and met so many creative, warm and nurturing women. i can't wait to return this year.

yarn babies

yarn babies

Yarn babies 2

my sweet was in the craft room with me when i was sewing on granny's purse strap and found some yarn the next thing i knew the big balls of yarn, well the mama ball anyhow, started to have some babies... this has been going on for 3 days now. the old yarn stash has come out and they have made several trips over to the neighbors in the sewing machine carrying cases aka the yarn family home.

Yarn family home

love how they can find joy in the basics. love the imagination. makes me sit here and smile to think of it.

making beads and bracelets for breast cancer fundraiser

making beads and bracelets for breast cancer fundraiser

7-31-2009 076

7-31-2009 062 7-31-2009 064

7-31-2009 083

we are really busy making beads for the fundraiser on sunday. the kids are really enjoying it and working so hard. i am really proud of them. our neighbor is helping too. so wonderful. i think that these are going to be our best bracelets yet.

goodbye sunset

goodbye sunset

Sunset 3
we came home last night and sunset was floating on top of the water.

we are all so sad. not sure why we all were so attached to this fish so quickly. maybe because sweet pea won it herself just a short 12 days ago. who knows, but we are going to get another one today.

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Cleaning rocks sweet pea and her friend have been washing her very extensive rock collection for days.

they seem to be enjoying themselves. they have several bowls that they are using. so funny though they are washing the same rocks over and over again and other that really need to be cleaner are totally neglected. some are beautifully clean though! whatever makes them happy.

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