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time management

every day i think this is the day to catch up.

what does that mean?

is this the unattainable goal?

i am trying to set my goals more realistically so that i can meet them. i keep thinking after i pass this event that i will be able to catch up. it never seems to happen.

my latest thought (not the first time i have had it) is that if you have less; there is less to be responsible for. i have the habit of saving things because i may need it some time in the future.

i have 3 new goals

#1 to only make things with what i have for a while and if it requires something new i will need to modify the design.

#2 to start selling some things and/or giving them away.

#3 my plan is to produce at least one thing a day to either use in the house now, sell it or give it away.

regrouping and focusing on balance

regrouping and focusing on balance

8-10-2008 121
i have been very over scheduled this month. i am trying to increase the length of my day to complete what needs to be completed, family responsibilities and those things that i am trying to accomplish to meet my goals. i am finding that i am very tired and not really meeting many of the goals and doing most of them halfway. one of my other concerns is that i promise things that i have trouble delivering. this is making me crazy, it is important for me to be dependable. i worry how this affects helen too.

8-10-2008 140 my new plan is to start scheduling everything for a while to see if we can be more efficient.

will let you know how this is helping. i really believe that if we can stick to the calendar and make so rules about scheduling outings on specific days this may help.

any other thoughts you could share that would help?

these photos are from the laura ingells wilder day last year at the genesee country village and museum in mumford not far from where we live. we had a great very hot day there with our neighbors last summer.

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