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still more summer to come...

still more summer to come...

5-17-2010 n 105

5-17-2010 n 130

5-31-2010 n 001

6-16-2010 n 041

more summer to come

more summer to come

here are some more photos of what we have done this spring that we hope will carry over into summer.

5-31-2010 n 069 6-21-2010 n 087

6-21-2010 n 093

6-21-2010 n 098
6-21-2010 n 095

5-31-2010 n 148

happy summer solstice!

happy summer solstice!

how can it be the summer solstice already? happy day to you! 6-18-2010 n 010 well i really want to finish my posts on squam but i have been working on so many exciting things away from my computer that i will get back to that soon when i have a little more time to give my continued squam review the time that it deserves...this week i'm going to spend sharing pictures images of what we have been doing this spring that i hope will be carried over into the summer. please feel free to share links of what you have been doing. 5-31-2010 n 313 6-11-2010 n 019

6-16-2010 n 209

this year at 1

this year at 1

6-7-2010 n 016
it's so challenging to know where to begin....well if you don't know about squam art workshop (saw) then please go and discover. it is held at the rockywold-deephaven camp-rdc in holderness, new hampshire.


i found this dreamy retreat last year when soulemama was blogging about speaking there. i was so fortunate to go and i know it sounds ridiculous but i really had a life changing experience. thank you elizabeth for your vision, persistence and the amazing teachers that you invited.6-7-2010 n 540

it was so lovely to see my dear, dear friends that i met last year. i've been so looking forward to seeing them and oh we had so much fun and laughed so good.
6-7-2010 n 551
many new wonderful friendships have begun on this trip too.

6-7-2010 n 512
my favorite shepherd was there too. if you don't have a favorite will soon...i just love susan gibbs from juniper moon farms can't wait to take our family there for a trip. my daughter has decided that she really wants to be a farmer, i asked her "don't you want to be a shepherd" and she said "no i want to have all the farm animals". there you have it...why limit yourself!

6-7-2010 n 165
the weather was also wonderful. we had the perfect combination of sunshine and rain the temperature was just right! the weather has clearly been very warm in new hampshire this spring because the water temperature was beautiful. many of us took a lovely swim. the water was so clear and very deep, so nice.

6-7-2010 n 446
6-7-2010 n 596
this was the view from my bed. one morning we decided to sleep in just to enjoy the sound of the rain on the soothing, what a perfect choice we made!

6-7-2010 n 086
as if the location, classes, teachers and attendees were not enough...every night we had entertainment.

one night we heard a little from all who came to teach and from jenny doh.

6-7-2010 n 226
the amazing jonatha brooke played two nights for amazing...what a treat!

we were so fortunate one night she shared 2 brand new-unrecorded songs with us...looking forward to hearing those again real soon we hope...they were both so powerful.

6-7-2010 n 243
the multi-talented lizzy house spent an hour learning an unbelievable gaelic duet with jonatha and went up and sang for us. her grace and talent were as always inspiring.

we also heard a great story from jenn lee who will be teaching a storytelling class at squam in september, she has participated on the mainstage of the moth if you have never listened to the moth podcast, you should. there are some really great true stories on there.

almost done here...

we also heard from jess and casey who are ravlery! they told about how it all began. they are a classic comedy duo with a really great story.

last one for now i promise...this is how it is though...all of this and more...

stephanie pearl-mcphee the yarn harlot also held court one night. it was amazing to watch almost everyone in the playhouse knitting and watching a "comedy" act...can't say that i've seen that before.

much more to come soon...

~sweet dreams and moonbeams

not sure how this happened

not sure how this happened

5-31-2010 n 070
loving spring here

loving spring here

5-28-2010 n 0985-28-2010 n 151

~sunshine and happiness

field trip to find pond life

field trip to find pond life

great day at the pond we began at deep basin

5-28-2010 n 095
sunfish in this circular spot trying to lay eggs.5-28-2010 n 091 the kids took the nets and pulled in some muck from the pond to see what living things they could find5-28-2010 n 103
searching for the living5-28-2010 n 100

5-28-2010 n 106
releasing back to the pond5-28-2010 n 089
snapping turtle rescued crossing the road from laying her eggs5-28-2010 n 115
recently released 5-28-2010 n 126
5-28-2010 n 129 luna moth hiding in this beautiful fern5-28-2010 n 136
hiked from deep pond to 5-28-2010 n 152

5-28-2010 n 160
~sunshine and happiness

{this moment}

{this moment}

{this moment}
5-28-2010 iphone 109
a photo~an extraordinary moment~no words~pause~savor~remember...

another thoughtful idea from soulemama

spring thunderstorm

spring thunderstorm

image from

i love a spring thunderstorm and we really need the rain here. the poison ivy i planned to attack today shall live to grow another day.

raindrops and jumping puddles

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{this moment}

{this moment}

4-30-2010 379

a photo~an extraordinary moment~no words~pause~savor~remember...

another thoughtful idea from soulemama