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field trip to find pond life

field trip to find pond life

great day at the pond we began at deep basin

5-28-2010 n 095
sunfish in this circular spot trying to lay eggs.5-28-2010 n 091 the kids took the nets and pulled in some muck from the pond to see what living things they could find5-28-2010 n 103
searching for the living5-28-2010 n 100

5-28-2010 n 106
releasing back to the pond5-28-2010 n 089
snapping turtle rescued crossing the road from laying her eggs5-28-2010 n 115
recently released 5-28-2010 n 126
5-28-2010 n 129 luna moth hiding in this beautiful fern5-28-2010 n 136
hiked from deep pond to 5-28-2010 n 152

5-28-2010 n 160
~sunshine and happiness