beautiful day - easter prep

beautiful day - easter prep

4-3-2010 n 015 we had a beautiful day here today, tried to spend most of it outside.
4-3-2010 n 031
our girl received her easter package from her grandparents today. she sat right down to sort through it and jar it all up by candy type.

4-3-2010 n 054
we made our friday pizza tonight.

4-4-2010 n 031
we colored eggs and tried a new recipe that i came across on the kitchn it's for chinese tea eggs the kitchn forwarded me to this recipe on umami. the kitchn had another link to for chinese tea eggs that looked good too.

4-3-2010 n 050
we completed this recipe tonight. i'll let you know how they taste tomorrow, they're supposed to have a bit of a custardy flavor to them. they look really pretty.

4-4-2010 n 013

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