gifts from long ago, far away and real close

gifts from long ago, far away and real close

2-8-2010 n 020

my mother sent me this beautiful apron yesterday that belonged to her great aunt.

2-8-2010 n 023

isn't it beautiful?

2-9-2101 n 031

she also sent our favorite cutout cookies...yummmmmmmmmmm
2-9-2101 n 065

she made these scrumptious coconut cookies with chocolate buttercream frosting. that is real "butter"cream this is a new recipe. we are really enjoying it!
2-9-2101 n 074
we had plenty of sugar in the house then my mother-in-law stopped by with a box of chocolate for us. what to do? have a piece, plenty of dark chocolate in here for me. don't you love their chocolatier?

hope that you are enjoying the holiday as much as i am.

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