hunkered down

hunkered down

2-26-2010 n 383

we have been hunkered down since thursday night. lots of snow and no real reason to leave the house.

2-26-2010 n 345

yesterday morning we made maya's yummy popover's. we made them today too. i have a feeling there is going to be a request tomorrow too.

helen decided that she didn't want maple syrup on her snow today. she thought that she would make chocolate ice cream instead.

2-26-2010 n 350

we spent most of the weekend reading harry potter and the half blood prince. we finished tonight. movie tomorrow.

2-27-2010 n 049

2-27-2010 n 050

tonight as we finished harry potter my sweet girl and i worked on completing some beads that we started for our martin luther king day in event. we actually were able to get so many done in a short time, we are getting really fast at them. we have had so much practice now. i wish that i had kept track of how many bracelets that we have made and sold to raise funds for making strides against breast cancer. i think that it has been 2 or 3 years now. hoping to get some out on etsy soon.

here are some photos from our snowstorm earlier in the weekend.

2-26-2010 n 418

2-26-2010 n 389

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