last day~first coat

last day~first coat

well today is finally the last day that i will be applying the first coat of paint on the outside of our house. what a summer it's been. so rewarding and challenging. we are not nearly close to the much to do still but at least we won't have to look at a house with three colors (old, new, primer) anymore!!!

this is where i started from this morning
2010-09-24 paint last quarter 1


2010-09-24 paint last quarter 2

amazing what a little brush and paint can do!

2010-09-24 paint last quarter 3

here's the reward!

2010-09-24 paint last quarter 4

i loved the summer office before but today it seems that much more beautiful and satisfying!

for the record it's beer:thirty where our katie...cheers to you katie and happy birthday week!

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