new recipe from my girl / old finds from a box / new inspiration

new recipe from my girl / old finds from a box / new inspiration

3-25-2010 n 013

my girl loves to come up with new recipes. she has made this before and it is yummy.

we don't have measurements right now but here are the ingredients.

ground cinnamon

cayenne pepper

salt and black pepper


and water.

she mixed it up and we put it on green beans. she likes to cut up the bread and serve it that way, i must say that i prefer it on the green veggies.

3-25-2010 n 008

here are some fun discoveries that i made yesterday when i was emptying boxes that have been packed for three years. can't wait to see what's in the rest of the boxes.

i especially love those little girl hands and the photo that my cousin took of my husband and me right before my girl was born.

tonight my sister-in-law took me to a fundraiser and there were many local artist there. here are a few that i really enjoyed.

vicki hartman clay - i met vicki for the first time tonight. funny i see her in town all the time but have never met her. she makes really beautiful pieces and it was nice to finally meet her.

shanna murray - is an artist, print maker great photographer and co-founder of second storie indie market

pine tree designs - she creates embroidered paper art.

sara silvio jewelry - beautiful gold jewelry.

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