old kitchen

old kitchen

8-3-2009 008

we are getting ready for our kitchen construction to begin so i wanted to take some before pictures. its so funny i took this photo and uploaded it and thought this looks like such a pretty kitchen i think i am going to miss it. i have periods where i think this kitchen is ridiculously small but big families in europe and metropolitan cities can grow up in apartments much smaller than this house are we just being too greedy. then i tried to cook dinner and put away all the "stove pieces" and they would not stay on the overloaded shelf. i remembered why i am ready for a new kitchen with a stove and new fridge.

i needed to show some photos of what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house. we painted the whole house before we moved in just to make sure that we had any lead paint covered. we also pulled up the floors in the kitchen to remove the pet smell and had all the hardwood floors in the entire house refinished and some flooring replaced.

i need to do another post soon to show all the changes that have taken place.

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