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harry potter birthday potter take 2

harry potter birthday potter take 2

2007-06-20 273 when our girl turned 5 we celebrated with a harry potter birthday party. we had so much fun...maybe one day we will revisit that! but for today i want to share the fun that we had on friday celebrating her 8th birthday.

6-18-2010 n 002
it all began this year with a formal request for attendance. we had fun making these personalized invitations this is all i can share given each invitation had the guests name "engraved" on it...they were so sweet though.

6-26-2010 n 028we made this newspaper bunting thanks to the marvelous mayamade for her creativity again!

6-26-2010 n 022 many of the attendees are huge potter fans...we did have a few that do not live and breathe potter so i wanted to make sure that we had robes (in this case capes) my quick and affordable solution was to purchase some inexpensive black felt and i cut it into pieces that were about 25x35 and about 5 inches down on the long side i sewed a 14 inch black gross grain ribbon on each side to use as a tie. they were so quick (even for me) and they worked great. they were actually much cooler for the girls than the robes.

6-26-2010 n 069

hermione granger was practicing her flying before the guests arrived.

6-26-2010 n 055

6-26-2010 n 056

6-26-2010 n 058

6-26-2010 n 059

6-26-2010 n 060


my husband and i enjoy harry potter as much as my daughter. we came up with some fun activities. of course they took a very small fraction of the time we thought that they would and also a very small fraction of the time that it took us to put it together. all three of us have been talking about what we could do for weeks now, here is what made it to the day.

we decided to do a treasure hunt using port-keys to move you from one clue to the next!

6-26-2010 n 040 this boot was the first port-key. my husband wrote great poems for them so that they could find each of the port-keys

6-26-2010 n 095my daughter told us today that they didn't really pay much attention to the poems...they just wanted to find the next port-key. sometimes the honesty is appreciated...sometimes not!

6-26-2010 n 122 the final clue led them to this suitcase. inside they found the makings for wands from mr.ollivander!
6-26-2010 n 128they found the wands that my husband and i carefully prepared for them to personalize with colored tape and ribbons...once the wand had chosen them of course.6-26-2010 n 003
all the wood was found in our yard and my husband cut them down to size. they were all carefully labeled with the type of wood and the core ingredient, the length of each wand was also included.

6-26-2010 n 152this new wand looks so much more authentic than that plastic wand. 6-26-2010 n 173 we also had potions making husband was the very stern professor severus snape. we used different types of juice and unusual berries and coconut for the ingredients. our secret ingredient was pop rocks to add at the end for a little magic! most of the potions were very tasty. i can't say that the girls drank many of them but i did. they were really more interested in concocting. too bad they missed out on some very powerful magic. my husband printed out the names of all the potions that were discussed in the books so that they could name them.6-26-2010 n 176 my husband also showed them what happened when they put baking soda and vinegar together.

6-26-2010 n 035 we also held an herbology class where the kids took interesting looking succulent plants and cacti and replanted them in clay pots. my husband labeled each of the plant with a name and definition of a plant from the book, as the kids replanted i read each of the descriptions and we did a few trivia questions about the herbs from the books.
6-26-2010 n 219

6-26-2010 n 181
we found some bertie botts every flavor beans the girls had fun trying some really gross tasting jelly beans~gravy, fish, cheese, sausage, onion and banana. i was just given a'd they do that? it really tastes like pizza in a really gross sweet way. ewwww! they spared us earwax, vomit and buggers this time (we have had all of these before-really gross).

we had some of the yummy jelly bellies too.

6-26-2010 n 026 i made these parchment sewn bags again thanks to another great idea from mayamade. when she posted this i thought oh my, i can use this in so many ways. thank you maya i love these.
6-26-2010 n 027
i made these bags to put chocolate frogs that i made from a mold. (i found a better mold that i will have a link to on the sidebar) and harry potter collecting cards in to give to the girls. i always loved the idea of the chocolate frog from the book how it would jump away.6-26-2010 n 014

hermione had a great day! thanks for all who shared it with us.

our sweet sunshine turned 8 today!

our sweet sunshine turned 8 today!


happy birthday to our girl! we had a fun day with some family parties to attend. we spent our driving and down time reading a great new book that she received from one of her friends at her birthday party yesterday.

tomorrow i will fill you in on the great harry potter birthday party that we had yesterday. hope that you are enjoying your lovely summer saturday evening.

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{this moment}

{this moment}

5-7-2010 n 529

a photo~an extraordinary moment~no words~pause~savor~remember...

another thoughtful idea from soulemama

{this moment}

{this moment}

{this moment}

4-13-2010 045

a photo~an extraordinary moment~no words~pause~savor~remember...

another thoughtful idea from soulemama
molly moon's new adventure and our latest reading adventures

molly moon's new adventure and our latest reading adventures


our girl has always loved to read in the photo she is about 18 months old.

a few years back we found the molly moon book series and we loved it. we just received a note from amazon that there is a new molly moon book coming in may from georgia byng! it is called molly moon and the morphing mystery. we are very excited, it seems like forever since we finished her last book.

molly moon is a girl who is left at an orphanage when she was a baby and she has the most interesting adventures. pick up her first book and you will have a fun journey. we did and we did not stop until we finished the last book that georgia byng wrote. we are looking forward to may.

hope that you can begin the series so that you are ready in may when the next book arrives.

molly moon's incredible book of hypnotism

molly moon stops the world

molly moon's hypnotic time travel adventure

molly moon, micky minus, & the mind machine

thursday night we finished the last harry potter book with our girl. so sad to be all done. we started j.r.r. tolkien's the hobbit tonight.

happy reading!

sun bread

sun bread

well we finally made the sun bread from the sunbread book by elisa kleven. this was our first venture in homemade bread. we had some challenges but it was fun and it tasted pretty good.

2-6-2010 n 001

before it went in the oven

2-6-2010 n 004

beautiful when it came out

2-6-2010 n 010

the picture speaks for how delicious it was. it reminded me of butter rolls that my family always had for the holidays. yummy all warm with more butter and some jam.

2-6-2010 n 014

Peaceful time!

Peaceful time!

Handmade home
sometimes in all the chaos of the day it all comes together with 30 minutes of quiet bliss. knowing that sweet pea is having another successful piano lesson and listening to an amazing advanced violin lesson while easing into the new soulemama book. Happiness!

hope that you are enjoying your day.

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