tee pee/last day of first grade

tee pee/last day of first grade

6-2009 tee pee 3

still working on the tee pee. i just finished the sewing. we made a few errors on measurements today but we were able to make modifications that i think will work better anyhow. we should have a nice tutorial when we finish i will post it. sweet pea has no idea what she is getting for her birthday.

we had a great day today. it was my daughter's last day of first grade. she climbed off the bus and told me how sad she was, she said there was a lot of people crying at school. a few of her friends are moving from here. they will be going to korea, utah and northern california. so sad. we did meet the family that is moving to california at the pool. she swam for 4 hours straight. it would be great if she would sleep in on her first day of summer but she probably won't. no worries lots of fun to have, rest can come later.

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