we fit

we fit

2-4-2010 075

we are very excite to have found a new car that "fits" our needs. we were considering getting a prius but decided that we it might be better for us and the environment to get the new honda fit.

the gas mileage is really great and the repairs on this car will be more affordable than on the prius also there is the concern about the battery on the prius.

we are a family that would prefer not to have a car but where we have chosen to live really requires that we have one. we are unusual in our area in that we only have one car for our household and we are still maintaining that after being back here for over 8 years.

many blogs have been talking about making one small change for the environment this year. i first found it on shivaya naturals blog, i love to visit there, it is like taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. hip mountain mama is sponsoring the challenge. go check it out, great ideas if you aren't already doing many of them.

the new car is one way that we are trying. we took our 7 year old wagon off the road and we went with this car which is much smaller and better on gas mileage. can you tell we are feeling pretty excited about this?

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