south wedge market

south wedge market

we went to the south wedge market today. we were looking for our favorite tomato friend, still not there this week. he has the best tomatoes. we really enjoyed the ones that we found though.

we had some really yummy beans from our friends at rochester roots we love what you are doing, keep going. here is the mission of rochester roots is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to the creation of urban school and community garden-based educational programs for youth and adults. These programs focus on growing, preparing and enjoying high quality, safe, affordable healthy food. we love to support them and their veggies are so yummy and fresh.

7-25-2009 001
there was a new group at the market. sweet pea was so excited. they were selling original creations. they were called art peace. here is their mission: ArtPeace Young Entrepreneurs: Arts and technology apprentices work with master artists to collaboratively develop businesses and produce end products that they market and sell, in the disciplines of: Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Literary Arts, Film/Animation, Digital Studio, now including Rochester Digital Ripple - young entrepreneurs building neighborhood wireless networks.

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