mrs. mcpuppet/strong museum

mrs. mcpuppet/strong museum

we really had an over the top day today. we had a cousin visiting from california with his 5 year old little girl. so fun!


we were so excited that mrs. mcpuppet came to rochester today. we have not seen her in a year or so. she is so fun and we love her music and listen and shared her cd's often. she asked for volunteers to come up from and help lead a song. sweet pea shot her hand right up. we were chosen along with a few other mothers and children. somethings are hard to say no to.

we also went to the strong museum.

7-9-2009 504

riding the carousel.

Baking at strong

baking at the strong wegmans

Filming cooking show

filming cooking show

Cohosting cooking show

then co-hosting cooking show

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